At Marr Industrial Coatings we understand the time it takes to run a large operation and that shutting down for an extended period of time can cost money. Thats why we here at Marr Industrial Coatings only use the best materials so you only have to do the job once. Run 24/7? We have products and man power to make sure the job gets done when the customer requires.

Decrease maintenance and cleaning costs, increase organization, prevent fall hazards and create a safe environment.

Resin coatings can be used for a variety of benefits and we are constantly learning about our customers needs. Common uses for the products we offer are to prevent dusting or degradation of a concrete surface. We also specialize in concrete repair and making your floors look like new again.

Resin coatings can be applied in many coats or colours helping with organization. Designate specific aisle ways, emergency exits or hazardous areas. It is also perfect for the 5S program.

At Marr Industrial Coating we understand you don’t have the time to shut ¬†down and we work closely with your schedule to create a time saving, cost effective, productive floor for your needs.

To learn more about our Epoxy Coating solutions & to view our colour chart, please visit Our Epoxy Coatings page or to book an estimate or ask any questions regarding your floor coating needs, click one of the icons on the left or call us at 204-633-4802. Thank you.