At Marr Industrial Coatings we offer many different decorative coatings and concrete repair methods to make sure any commercial space is working it’s best and looking it’s best. Want a nasty trip hazard to disappear from a tile or carpet transition into a stock room? No problem, we have products that can have you back up and running in a matter of hours.

We understand your need for a clean fresh looking space and here at Marr Industrial coatings we offer many different decorative looks with safety features built in to keep your staff and clients safe.

Whether it’s restaurants, commercial kitchens, store fronts or any commercial space we have something for you!

To learn more about our Epoxy Coating solutions & to view our colour chart, please visit Our Epoxy Coatings page or to book an estimate or ask any questions regarding your floor coating needs, click one of the icons on the left or call us at 204-633-4802. Thank you.