Epoxy has many benefits for many different people. Each industry has their own specific needs and wants as to why an epoxy is needed and there is an epoxy made to fit every ones specific needs. With in those specific needs there are many universal benefits of all epoxy and resin coatings.

Epoxy is an amour plate for your floor. It acts as a protective coating on your concrete surface to protect the concrete from getting chipped, wearing down, or damaged.

Concrete repairs can be costly and if not done correctly can have a short lifetime. Epoxy is cost effective and easy to repair if the coating ever gets damaged.

Keep your area clean! Concrete can cause a lot of dust weather you realize it or not. As long as you’re walking on it, driving forklifts, or dragging in gravel concrete is wearing down and causing fine layers of dust. Epoxy can minimize this creating a barrier between the concrete and you.

Brighten it up! Many industrial plants opt for an epoxy coating not only for it’s added protection benefits but also because it can brighten a place up! Increase light reflectivity and save evergy!

Increase Safety! Manitoba’s Harsh elements can provide a natural skating rink anywhere you go Epoxy can be combined with non skid elements to prevent you from slipping and sliding!

Epoxy can also be used to designate hazardous areas, heavy traffic areas, safety areas and is used in conjunction with the 5S program to create a safe work environment.

List of Benefits:

Improves Image To Facility And Company
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Impact Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Dust Free
Easy To Clean

Protect Against Acid Spills
Fixes Cracked And Eroded Joints
Eliminates Toxic Solvent
Healthier For Employees
Cuts Down On Lighting

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